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Five reasons why one of our rubber stamps is the perfect first step into branding your product.

First and foremost, its cheap! Buying blank packaging, boxes, bags and cards is much cheaper than buying the custom printed alternative. Sure, you could spend a bit extra on some printed boxes because its easier and you don’t have to think about it, but consider this. Getting printed boxes will likely cost double the blank alternative, so if the printed boxes are £1 per box, the blank ones are 50p a box and you buy 100 of them that’s a £50 saving. I’ve just gone and tested it and I could comfortably stamp 100 boxes in 10 minutes so that a £50 saving for 10 minutes work, that’s got to be worth it right! You need to buy the stamp I know, but we use a 4cm stamp on our boxes which is £18 – you can see how quickly that money could be recouped.

Second – a custom rubber stamp gives you the freedom to get creative and stamp your logo wherever you like. So, you’ve made that saving on your boxes, but now, unlike with the printed boxes, you’ve got a logo stamp to play with. Go ahead, stamp your logo on some letters, stamp some paper bags, stamp a t shirt, stamp your mate’s forehead if you want. It’s pretty fun, trust me!

Third – It’s so easy and quick! You can upload your logo and have your stamp in a couple of days. No need to stress about what sort of packaging to get or where to place the logo, order a logo stamp today and play around with it till you get your packaging just right.

Fourth – A rubber stamp can create that artisan textured feel that printing can’t. There’s something about the slight imperfections and differences with each impression when stamping that gives a product a distinctive and classic feel printing just can’t touch.

Finally, we have established that getting a logo stamp made is a pretty damn good idea. But why should you get one of ours over one of the many other personalised stamp makers? To be blunt, our stamps are very good. We use very High end and sustainable materials such as natural eco-rubber and environmentally sourced oak. Our stamps are then made by hand in our London workshop using the latest in laser technology. This means the stamps are unrivalled in their eco-credentials, pretty to look at, last an awfully long time, and most importantly, leave the perfect impression with an incredibly high level of detail.

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Looking to get in on the stamping action but don’t have a logo? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our newly relaunched stamp designer.

If you have a company logo ready to go then getting a custom rubber stamp has always been the cheapest and easiest way to brand packaging and generally get your product noticed. Getting that logo in the first place however isn’t quite so easy. Graphic designers can charge pretty crazy prices. Computer design software like photoshop can be equally silly money not to mention having one hell of a steep learning curve. So, we’ve done the hard work for you and created the most comprehensive and easy to use online stamp maker available.

Our stamp designer was built from the ground up to give you the tools and jumping off points to effortlessly make professional looking designs. There is over a hundred unique clipart designs so you’re likely to find something that works elegantly in a logo stamp for your company. It doesn’t stop there though, We’ve also loaded it up with beautiful drawings and striking clipart that’s great for wedding stamps, address stamps and stamps for many more events and occasions.

In the photo on this blog post you can see a set of examples of different personalised stamps created in our rubber stamp maker which can give you an idea of the scope of possibilities or can be used as the seed to creating your own design. Steal the designs completely if you like! We don’t mind.

A rule I have learnt when designing rubber stamps and when designing in general for that matter is to try and strip back unnecessary elements and keep it simple. Simple text in a great font of which we have loads of stylish and memorable options to choose from is the best starting point. Often this is perfect in itself. You may however find, adding a border, partial border or some beautiful hand drawn clipart can create something spectacular.

If you don’t manage to find the perfect clipart or accompanying design element for your personalised stamp you can always upload your own images or elements from which to build your design from. This gives you complete control over your rubber stamp giving you limitless possibilities on how it looks. Just remember, less if often more with stamping.

Another great feature in the custom stamp designer is the curved text feature. Find this in the box that appears by the text by clicking on it once you have inputted it. This can be easily used on its own or with the partial borders, shapes and curves to create stunning round stamps.

We hope you enjoy playing with the stamp designer as much as we have and that you manage to create a stamp design that that you would be proud to represent your business or that would impress your friends at any occasion.

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It’s not too early to start preparing for Christmas by ordering some truly beautiful stamps

Yes, we know what you’re thinking… it’s not Christmas. We are quite conspicuously at the height of summer, in fact, as if any of us hadn’t been sweltering our way through work shifts or reading the headlines about escalating temperatures lately. So, why would our team here at Get Stamped want to talk to you right now about the festive season?

Well, it’s very simple, really. Many folks who order rubber stamps online from a company like ours do so as a means of giving their greetings cards, gift tags and invites that personalised, ‘one of a kind’ feel, and if there’s any time of year when you will want these items to be truly distinctive, it is surely Christmas.

Yep, you’ll probably see where we’re going with this – Get Stamped is the place to come for the most beautiful and well-crafted Christmas-themed stamps, made to be as unique as you are!

So, what are your options for Yuletide stamping?

Well, to find that out, you only need to look through our current selection of custom festive stamps, encompassing all manner of preset designs that make the whole process of ordering such rubber stamps online as quick and simple as possible. After all, we know you’ll have presents to buy!

So, why not allow your imagination to be fired by such options as a Christmas House stamp that enables you to have your humble abode hand drawn and transformed into a stamp by our team? Choose a size from our 10cm, 11cm and 12cm options, upload a large and clear image of your property, provide us with your name and away you go – well, away we go, making your stamp from environmentally sourced oak.

It’s a similar situation for our other Christmas stamp designs, such as the Christmas Hats stamp that depicts you and a companion wearing Santa’s favoured headwear, or a charming Christmas Wreath design. Oh, and a cute Christmas Tree stamp is possible, too.

We’re confident that we’ve thought of pretty much everything when it comes to Yuletide-themed rubber stamps online – right down to the complete Christmas Scene Kits that we also provide, comprising every item you require to illustrate your house, shop or pub with a fabulous embossed snow effect.

No one does Christmas stamping quite like Get Stamped…

Don’t get caught out in the festive rush! Instead, be savvy, by getting in touch with us right now about having a glorious Christmas stamp – or two or three – made by our skilled team. You’ll then be able to rest easy, in the knowledge that no one – and we repeat, no one – among your friends or family will have Christmas cards, invites or gift tags quite as amazing as yours this year!

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How does a gorgeous house or venue stamp sound?

Hand drawn house custom rubber stamp

If there’s one reason above all else why so many people turn to us for custom made illustrated rubber stamps, it’s so that they can have a charming, ‘old school’ style across their wedding invitations, envelopes, home produce labels and similar items.

While all of our stamps exude this look, it is our custom made illustrated rubber stamps that particularly embody it.

We create these stamps using the expertise of both our managing director Jack and our creative director Henry, with the stamp itself being made from a single piece of environmentally sourced oak. Meanwhile, the illustrated image is hand drawn, and can be created from a photo that you provide.

Wait… I can have any image I want?

Well, within reason! There’s a wide range of possibilities for a venue or house that you may wish to represent in illustrated stamp form. You might be a local business owner, for instance, and like the idea of including your premises on a poster, flyer or other document. Or perhaps you’re inviting friends and family to your wedding, and wish to entrench an image of the venue in their minds?

There isn’t much we can’t depict in the custom made illustrated rubber stamps that we rustle up for you – after all, these are very much your stamps for your use, not ours.

However, there are a few technical points that we do have to make. First of all, you need to bear in mind our size restrictions – 7cm tall and between 7cm and 10cm wide, depending on the dimensions of the photo that you upload.

Secondly, it’s crucial to provide us with an image that is large, clear and visible. The better the image that you give us, the better the stamp that you will get at the end, so it’s well worth putting the work in at the very beginning to ensure your photo is of the highest quality!

A complete selection of custom made illustrated rubber stamps

Bear in mind, too, that we don’t just portray venues or houses on our custom stamps. That’s because we can also make illustrated stamps showing a portrait of one or two people, a beloved pet or come to think of it, pretty much anything else.

Oh, and when you order a custom stamp from us, we’ll also ensure a tree is planted in an area affected by deforestation. It’s all part of our vital work with the ‘One Tree Planted’ charity, and gives you one more reason to purchase one of our gorgeous custom made illustrated rubber stamps for your projects, instead of accepting something dull and uninspiring from the office supply store!

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5 ways we are far from ‘just another’ custom stamp company in the UK

We take great pride here at Get Stamped in not producing stamps that look like something you could have bought from your local office supply store. After all, what’s the point of that? If you’re making us your choice of custom stamp company in the UK, we realise that you wish to benefit from the most personalised and exacting service.

Well, that’s exactly what we give you, and we achieve it in a variety of ways. Here are just some of our distinguishing characteristics that mean you shouldn’t look anywhere else for personalised stamps.

No other store gives you such a stellar range of pre-made custom stamps

If you’ve never purchased personalised stamps before and don’t have a design prepared already, it makes sense to peruse our broad selection of customisable pre-made designs first. Whether you’re on the lookout for charming illustrated stamps, wedding stamps, home produce stamps or any number of other types of custom stamp, you’re in the right place to find the perfect solution.

Alternatively, you can design your own

Another thing that separates us from the pack is the sheer level of control that we give you over your stamp design. While we aren’t the only custom stamp company in the UK that gives you the ability to upload your own image for your stamp, other firms tend to be quite strict about the size, resolution and colour of the image that you use. We’re more relaxed than that, and if you want to design a stamp from scratch, you can do that online with us just as easily.

We do our bit to protect the one planet we’ve got

We realise that the very nature of the products we make means damage could be caused to the environment. That’s precisely why we go to such great lengths to ensure the highest standards of environmental protection here at Get Stamped. We do it in part through our use of environmentally sourced oak, but also by collaborating with the ‘One Tree Planted’ charity to ensure a new tree is planted in a vulnerable area for every custom stamp that we sell.

You can get all of the extras from us, too

We don’t just give you beautifully crafted personalised stamps, and then leave you to work out the rest. Instead, you’ll find everything from cards, labels and ink pads to embossing powders, heat tools and stamp cleaner on offer across the rest of our generously-stocked online store.

It’s also easy to save money with us!

Did you know that you can have your goods delivered for free in the UK if you spend more than £35 in a single order? What about the 10% discount that we bring you if you purchase two custom stamps at the same time? Well, you’re aware of both of those things now.

Get Stamped doesn’t go by the usual script for a custom stamp company in the UK. We love the fact that we’re as different and quirky as our personalised ink stamps are, so why hesitate to place an order today that will enable you to inject similarly individual style into your wedding invitations, home produce labels, greetings cards and so much more?

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Personalised wedding stamps for your invitations, favours, centrepieces and so much more

personalised save the date wedding rubber stamp

What makes what would otherwise be a fairly ordinary wedding no less than the most special day of your life? Is it choosing the right venue, perchance, or even hiring the most glamorous wedding car? What about the standard of the food and drink that is served to your reception guests, or even the best man’s speech? Or maybe it’s the dress…

Of course, all of these things are really important when you wish to tie the knot in the most magical and memorable style.

But what’s vital above all else, is a genuinely distinctive flavour to your wedding. It needs to feel like your own big day, not someone else’s, which is where our personalised wedding stamps here at Get Stamped should very much come in useful.

Nothing beats our stamps for that ‘homemade’ feel

When you’re getting married to the person with whom you wish to spend the rest of your life, you will want to make that loud and clear to everyone you know. You will certainly want the wedding invitations that you send out to communicate something of the enormity of the day.

So why, in good heavens, would you want to issue invitations that look like they were panic-bought from a card shop?

The great thing about our personalised wedding stamps is that they show you can have truly beautiful and unique invitations that also look as if they were professionally done – because they have been professionally done! Or at least, the stamps themselves certainly have been, being produced on-site by our skilled team from environmentally sourced oak.

Nor do you even need to design your own wedding stamps if you are to achieve that convincingly bespoke, ‘homemade’ look that is sure to warm the cockles of your invitees’ hearts. That’s because we’ve got all manner of designs that you can choose from on our website, and simply have edited with your own preferred text and/or image.

Stamps for every purpose and occasion

It isn’t just the invitations that our personalised wedding stamps are brilliant for – it’s also stuff like your ‘thank yous’, ‘save the date’ reminders, favours, centrepieces and everything else to do with your wedding that you could conceivably use a stamp on.

Here at Get Stamped, we’re delighted to be able to say that we make it all so easy for you. We handle the difficult bits of creating gorgeously personalised wedding stamps, and when you order two stamps in one go, we’ll even give you a 10% discount.

With all of these advantages, how could you possibly just go to an office supply store for generic and boring wedding stamps? Allow us to produce the stamps that will make the best possible impression, so that you can focus on all of the other tricky aspects of organising your wedding.

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Help yourself to some lovely custom made ink stamps for your home produce labels

In the age of Bake Off, it seems that so many of us don’t want to get our produce purely from the supermarket anymore – which, with apologies to our local Tesco, we think is a pretty good thing. After all, there’s nothing quite like spreading honey, sipping gin or biting into bread that you’ve made yourself. We do think, however, that there might be something missing from such items…

…yes, that’s right. We’re referring to the kind of gorgeous custom made ink stamps that we can make for you right here at Get Stamped. Allow us to guide you through some of the possibilities.

The stamps that will truly ‘complete’ your home produce

Whatever succulent food or drink you like to rustle up within the confines of your humble abode or garden, we’ve got the ideal personalised stamps for enhancing your home produce labels, giving them that charming, ‘homemade’ feel. We can offer you an assortment of designs right now, created by our genius (or so he tells us) illustrator, Henry.

If you make your own home beverages, for example, you might just fall in love with our beautiful bottle label stamps, which enable you to depict an illustrated bottle on the tag tied to the neck of the bottle. All that you have to do is give us the text that you want to have on the stamp, followed by selecting portrait or landscape orientation, and we’ll then get on with creating a lovely stamp from environmentally sourced oak.

It’s a similar story with our honey label stamp, which is made to look like a honeycomb, and our baked bread stamp, for when you want to give true artisan branding to your artisan product. The latter’s perfect for applying to paper bags.

Alternatively, you might even want to customise your egg cartons – and sure enough, we have just the stamp for that, complete with a witty message. Or what about a garden tools stamp for stamping the bags and boxes in which you sell or hand out your home grown vegetables?

Place your order today for these fabulous personalised stamps

We think the practice of making your own produce should be very much encouraged, as well as that such produce should be made to look and feel thoroughly special. That’s why our custom made ink stamps can be such a great finishing touch for your home produce labels.

Don’t forget that even if none of our ‘standard’ designs seems to quite fit what you’re looking for, we also give you the freedom to upload your own home produce stamp idea that we can then transform into the real thing. Happy making and baking!

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Our illustrated rubber stamps offer the utmost in traditional charm

Rubber stamps have long been used for all manner of arts and crafts projects, bringing a little extra vital warmth and idiosyncrasy to a sometimes cold and uniform world. They are, in short, ‘old school’ – and we mean that in the finest possible way.

Well, the great news is that those lovely traditional stamps aren’t so ‘old school’ that they’re no longer being made. In fact, you can have gorgeous illustrated rubber stamps created to your own design, when you turn to the talented team here at Get Stamped!

How does the process work?

All that you have to do to start the process is head to our dedicated illustrated stamps section, where you will be able to choose from four options: a portrait stamp, couples stamp, pet stamp or venue or house stamp.

Then, it’s just a case of uploading the image that you would like us to use in making the stamp, before we get on with the really hard work – all while you sit back and relax (lucky you).

But is it really that easy?

It is! There are a few things we would urge you to consider, though. First of all, as you can probably imagine if you’ve ever looked at the inked part of a stamp, we can make you a better-quality stamp if you give us a picture with clearly defined lines and features.

That doesn’t mean we’ll refuse to make a stamp for you if the image you upload is a little ‘problematic’. It just means that if, for example, your provided image has colour, gradients or especially thin lines, we’ll need to make subtle changes so that the final stamp produces a pleasing and recognisable image. If more significant amendments are required, we’ll contact you.

No one makes stamps like us…

As our past customers will gladly tell you, our rubber stamps aren’t just like any old stamps you’d get in an office supply store. We’re all about quality, with each of our illustrated rubber stamps being made on site from a single piece of environmentally sourced oak. But we also stand for individuality, and you definitely get that with our custom made stamps!

Whatever you intend to use your bespoke illustrated stamp for – perhaps greetings cards, wedding invitations or something completely different – there’s only one place to order it, and that’s Get Stamped.

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Our personalised address stamps take you back to the good old days

personalised address stamp

Let’s face it: sometimes, it’s best to simply be nostalgic about times long past, rather than attempt to actually bring them back. In some ways, everyday life really is better now than it was a few decades or even a generation or two ago.

That’s not the case all of the time, though. Certain old things genuinely were the good things, and communication is a case in point. Yes, an email may be efficient, but it’s hardly got soul.

It’s no surprise, then, that so many people are now taking up the lost art of letter writing once again – or at least seeking to give their wedding invitations a little more grace and charm than a Facebook update or tweet could ever muster.

Well, we think we can help you a little bit with that here at Get Stamped.

Gorgeous, traditional stamps for gorgeous, traditional stamping

Take a look through our current selection of designs for personalised address stamps online, and you’ll see just how many inspiring, intriguing and stylish ways there are to communicate your address on the back on an envelope. Who’d have thought it?

Well, the Get Stamped team thought of it, that’s who! It’s why you can select from wide-ranging and charming curve, box, centre aligned, right aligned, pattern, calligraphy, floral and simple designs.

But there’s more to it than that, as we also take great care with the process of making our handmade stamps, in accordance with your specific needs. Yes, these really are the most beautiful personalised address stamps, crafted from robust, long-lasting and environmentally sourced oak.

Start producing incredible stamping results in no time!

As you can see if you cast your eye around our wider site, we care greatly about style and quality in everything that we do here at Get Stamped. When you order your personalised address stamps from us, you won’t be getting the kind of bog-standard thing that you could have bought from an office supply store.

It is within our online store that you’ll also find all of the accessories and extras that you could conceivably require to get the most out of your lovely new stamp. Oh, and you can expect your handmade product to be delivered to you within about five to seven working days of making the purchase.

In short, we do things the traditional way here at Get Stamped, but with no shortage of 21st-century innovation, quality and style. There’s just no need for you to look anywhere else for address stamps!

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There’s only one place to go for truly memorable save the date stamps

Personalised Wedding favour stamp

Your wedding will be (or we at least hope it will be!) a genuinely once-in-a-lifetime occasion, so you will naturally want it to feel that way. It’s therefore vital to set the most romantic note from the very earliest stage – with the invitations that you send out to your friends and family.

Once you’ve set a date for your nuptials, get online here at Get Stamped and start rustling up the ideal stamp design for your invitations. Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure what ‘style’ you fancy, as we’ve already got quite a few here for you to choose from.

It’s all about that loving, handmade feel

The day on which you tie the knot with your beloved needs to feel really special, and you’ll signal this to everyone you invite when you make good use of our custom hand-drawn designs or personalised save the date stamps.

You might opt for a couples portrait, for example, showing hand-drawn images of you and your sweetie beneath the announcement, ‘save the date’, followed by your names and the date. The portraits will be done by our marvellous illustrator, Henry, and another way to keep him busy (it stops him being a nuisance) is to order a stamp showing an image of the venue for your wedding.

Alternatively, you might want to opt for something a little simpler and more understated, such as a circle, heart border or other motif that perfectly matches the aesthetic you want for your big day. Curved, curly, wreath, column, border landscape and border portrait designs are available as well.

How much easier could it get?

Once you’ve decided on the perfect stamp design, all that you have to do is provide us with your names and the date of your wedding, and we’ll get to work on creating the stamp from environmentally sourced oak.

It’s important to do all of this a good time in advance of when you will actually need the stamps, as the whole nature of bespoke personalised products makes it difficult for us to guarantee when you’ll receive them. Nonetheless, we usually send our save the date stamps by UK first class post within three to five working days of the customer placing their order.

So, what do you think? We reckon our save the date stamps are a memorable and unique cut above the norm, so get ordering now, in the knowledge that thanks to our partnership with the charity One Tree Planted, you and your honey also be doing your bit to protect the planet we all love.