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This is where you can upload an image or logo that’s ready to be turned into a stamp. Most stamp companies are pretty strict about the files you upload. Here at Get Stamped we take a more casual approach, you upload what you can and we’ll do the rest. If significant changes are needed or if the image is too low resolution we will contact you. You can help us by supplying an image that looks as close to how you would like the final stamped image to appear.

Please note we can’t add additional text. If your image has text that is absolutely fine but if you want to add additional text to your image you can do so in our stamp designer.

Order 2 or more for 10% off, and 10 or more for 15% off!

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  • *Size

    *Size in mm

    Your design looks to be cm wide by cm tall.
    • Most of our ink pads only come in set sizes. It may seem counterintuitive, but in our opinion, these often work better than larger alternatives. This is how to use them:
    • Turn the stamp upside down.
    • Dab the ink pad over the surface of the stamp.
    • Press down firmly.
  • Note: The size you choose corresponds to the largest dimension of the image when stamped. Handle will be slightly larger to accommodate. There is no need to flip your image. We will crop any white space automatically.

    unmounted rubber stamp
    • Here is an example of an unmounted stamp.
    • Can be used with stamping platforms.
    • Can be mounted on home made handles.
    • Can be used with 'Cling' backing.
    • You will receive the rubber only. No mounting foam is included.


Note: We accept .jpg, .png, .pdf and .svg files. If you need help with this or anything else please contact us here or email us@getstamped.co.uk


1cm - £12
1.5cm - £14
2cm - £16
3cm - £18
4cm - £20
5cm - £22.50
6cm - £27.50
7cm - £32.50
8cm - £37.50
9cm - £42.50
10cm - £47.50

*All prices inclusive of VAT.
See without VAT

Bulk Discounts

order 2 for 10% off
order 10 for 15% off
order 20 for 20% off
order 25 for 25% off

If you are looking for larger quantities just email us@getstamped.co.uk for a bespoke quote.

Estimated processing time is 1-3 working days
reforestation badge, we buy a square meter of wildland for every order

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