About us

As you may have guessed, here at Get Stamped we make bespoke, custom made ink stamps. We specialise in environmentally-friendly, oak-mounted rubber stamps that last.

We make them ourselves in our London Workshop using the very best materials and the latest in laser technology and take pride in only making the highest quality, most eco-friendly stamps available. Basically we make one thing and we make it as good as we can.

If you are after any kind of stamp not offered by the website or have any queries with regards to large orders or other special requests, check out our FAQ’s below or give us an email and we will try our best to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a custom stamp cost?

The price for a custom stamp depends on the size you need. The price is set by the larger dimension out of width or height and pricing starts from £10 for a 1cm custom stamp. Bulk discounts start at only 2 stamps and they can even be different images!

Can I make my own stamp?

Absolutely! We use the latest in laser technology to engrave the stamps into natural eco-rubber which is a very expensive process only made possible through volume of orders. BUT!…the design process for our pre-designed rubber stamps starts with good old fashioned drawing and lino-cutting and we very much encourage you to get involved! It is an affordable hobby and a wonderful art form. We periodically upload tutorials and videos to our blog and encourage you to check those out.

How do I make a stamp for my logo?

Yes you can! We have a huge library of designs both customisable and non-customisable as well as two tools for creating your stamps from scratch. If you have a design ready to go you can check out our upload your own, if you’d like to start with a blank canvas check out the stamp designer. If you’d like any guidance on your logo or have any questions you can reach us at

Contact us:

Our address is Get Stamped LTD, Unit 6, Watts Mews, Streatham, London, SW16 6AA, United Kingdom

Email us at

We do technically have a phone and you might catch us on 0203 877 0981. Please note that as we can’t answer the phone when the stamps are being engraved as the engraver is quite loud, and we run the engraver essentially all day so the phone is usually turned off. So email is probably a better option.