Environmental impact

Due to the nature of the products we produce, we are aware we have the potential to negatively impact the environment. As much as we try to source our materials responsibly and are careful to take notice of who we are in business with we are aware that simply reducing our damage is not enough to truly offset our potential impact.

In an attempt to counteract this we have teamed up with reforestation charities so that for every custom stamp sold a tree is planted in an area affected by deforestation.

Throughout 2017 and the first quarter of 2018 we planted 1947 trees with the charity ‘One Tree Planted’

Starting from 2018 our charity of choice is ‘Trees for the Future’.

To further reduce our impact we choose our materials carefully. We use environmentally sourced oak from ‘G&S Timber’ in the production of our handles. Having absorbed Carbon Dioxide throughout its life, an oak tree has already repaid its debt to the environment before it is felled. In addition to this, oak has a longevity many other materials cannot match.


Please Note: The number of trees planted displayed on our website reflects the total number of qualifying products sold and as such may include the current months sales which will not be reflected in the fundraiser until the following quarter.