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Planting Sixty Thousand Trees

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It seems like a lot of companies do more harm than good, but when we started out we knew we wanted to be a sustainable business. One of the ways we do this is, if you didn’t already know, we plant one tree for every order. This week we actually planted our 60,000th tree, and so we thought we’d write a little blog post to celebrate.

Now we don’t just want to blow our own trumpet here, so we’re going to shine a light on Trees For The Future, the organisation we work with to plant our trees. Trees For The Future work with thousands of farming families across five countries in sub-Saharan Africa. They offer practical agroforestry education and support to farming communities. 

Many decades of unsustainable agricultural practices have led to the degradation of land, with farming communities struggling to produce and sell the adequate amount they need to fulfill their basic needs. Through the implementation of the Forest Garden Approach, Trees For The Future have demonstrated that agroforestry presents a viable solution to these challenges. 

Through the adoption of sustainable land practices, farmers are empowered to regain control. They are taught how to disrupt the detrimental cycles of climate change and intergenerational poverty, actively rebuilding food systems from the ground up.

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Founded in 1989, to date they have restored nearly 100,000 acres of land across Tanzania, Kenya, Senegal, Mali and Uganda. 

Unsustainable land use is at the root of our most pressing challenges. Trees have the power to support communities, improve lives, and restore the planet.

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Farmer Onesmo Petro Hema (Lead Farmer-KILIMA-Local Group) and family in their Forest Garden in Singida. Photos by Sam Vox. Uploaded by Junior Walters

Now, we’re not going to try and pretend that we’re single-handedly saving the world, but thanks to Trees For The Future, every time you buy one of our stamps, you can be confident that you’re doing a good deed for the planet.

One tree might not seem like it would make a world of difference, but it makes a difference to the world.
From little things, big things grow.