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Get the most out of stamping with Versacraft and Stazon!

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Cardboard and paper may be the traditional medium for stamping on, but did you know that you can stamp on to other materials too?

For textiles, wood, and other materials, nothing beats a Versacraft ink pad (except maybe a Stazon – more on that below). Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you get the best prints out of your stamps.

Follow stamping best practices

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It is a good idea to follow best stamping practices no matter the surface you are stamping. So if you’re stamping onto wood, we would recommend making sure your wood is on a flat, even surface, to avoid wobbling and uneven prints.

For wood, clay, and other porous materials, we would also recommend testing your stamp on scrap material you may have before committing to branding all of your products. Testing can show you if your print is going to bleed (although with the right stamp and ink pad this should be minimal!) and also what the colour of your ink is going to look like as it interacts with your materials. 

Stamping on fabric

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Stamping on fabric is easier than you may think! But here are some tips to make sure your prints are the best that they can be.

Again, stamping on a flat surface is of the utmost importance. We really can’t say it enough. If you are stamping a t-shirt or a bag for example, it’s a good idea to place some card inside, to prevent the ink from bleeding through to the other side of the item – this can also help the surface of the fabric to lie flatter, for a better print!

Another step that is completely optional but can be a good habit to get into is heat setting your prints. This means simply pressing your stamped design with an iron, as it can prevent fading after washing – although without heat setting the Versacraft ink pads can provide prints that will last for hundreds of washes!

Shiny materials and glazes

While Versacraft ink pads are our go-to for most materials, there are certain occasions where you need to bring in the big guns, and for those times we can only recommend Stazon. Great for shiny materials, glazed surfaces, and other materials that other inks may struggle to adhere to, Stazon ink pads pack the extra punch needed to make lasting impressions. Just make sure you let the ink dry properly before handling your product to avoid smudging!