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Why choose a traditional rubber stamp? Here’s 4 reason’s why traditional rubber stamps are better than self inking stamps. (We’re not biased, honest 😉.)

custom stamp made from green eco rubber and oak

For the time being, we at Get stamped have chosen to focus solely on traditional style rubber stamps that require an ink pad over self-inking stamps. Here’s why.

Eco-Friendly Packaging
Our Eco-Credentials

1. -The most environmentally friendly option. First and foremost, the cornerstone ethos of Get Stamped is to create a good product that causes as little damage to the environment as possible. The best way of doing that, we think, is to make the product we manufacture out of all natural and biodegradeable components as much as possible. That’s why our stamps are made from Oak and Eco-Rubber. All the self inking stamps available right now are unfortunately made either entirely or partially from plastic. 

Personalised Custom Stamps
Some of our High Quality, Eco-Friendly Stamps

2. – Shape and size freedom. We make your custom stamp from scratch right here in our London workshop. The beauty of this is that we can cut a handle to fit the dimensions of your artwork. So every stamp is tailor made to fit any size or dimension of artwork, down to the millimetre! The restriction with self inkers is that they only come in specific sizes so you may not be able to get the exact size you’re after. 

Ink Pads
Our Ink pad Collection

3. – Huge variety of ink pad options. Self inkers are only made in a handful of colours. Ink pads on the other hand come in hundreds of different shades so you’re bound to find the perfect pairing for your logo stamp so that it fits your brand. Not to mention the fun you can have with art stamps or our stamp sets when using different colours or even blending colours. What’s more, different ink pads are made specifically for different uses. Whether you’re stamping cardboard, fabric, wood, plastic, skin, paper or anything else there’s an ink pad for that. Convinced yet?

Personalised Stamp
Natural Eco Rubber Mounted on Oak

4. – They’re damn handsome. Let’s face it, self inking stamps have all the aesthetic charm of a stapler and they belong in the office. Our green rubber and oak stamps on the other hand are going to look great on your market stall or on your instagram feed. When it’s a personalised stamp for your artisan UK based business, why not make it an artisan stamp made in the UK.