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a guide to buying our stamps wholesale

wholesale rubber stamps branded with youtube logo

Having fulfilled large orders for some of the world’s most recognisable brands we will be sure to meet any requirements you have with a quick turnaround. We can’t be beaten on product quality or our eco credentials and we offer highly competitive prices.

Our scalability

We manufacture our stamps in-house, handles and all! This allows for flexibility and also allows us to have a more tailored approach to each individual artwork. Whilst most companies cut the stamps out by hand using scissors we’ve worked on a method which uses the laser to cut the stamps out. This is far more accurate and allows for a much more consistent and  clean impression.

The downside to manufacturing everything in house is that there is very little we can do to reduce the cost of the stamps unless they are bought in larger quantities. The main areas we can save are in shipping and in the art-working stage (preparing the images for engraving, ensuring the cutline is neat etc).

Our Products

Our products are unbranded as standard so are perfect for resale in shops. We welcome the use of the stamps in the creation of commercial products and also welcome the selling of stamps themselves as long as the seller has the copyright to the images.

Our Bulk Discounts

Originally the bulk discounts (for example order 2 for 10%) only applied to custom stamps. We have now extended the discounts to nearly all the stamps we make. The only ones not included are the mini stamps at present. For custom stamps the discount will apply regardless of whether the stamps are the same design or many different designs. The discount will apply automatically in the checkout.

Discounts are as follows:

10% off for 2 or more
15% off for 10 or more
20% off for 20 or more
25% off for 25 or more
30% off for 30 or more
35% off for 35 or more
40% off for 40 or more
45% off for 45 or more
50% off for 50 or more

Email us at with the specifics of what you need and we will quickly get back to you with a tailored quote. We try and be as accommodating as we can with all requests so ask away! Depending on order size we can offer all sorts of extras including bespoke packaging, white label shipping and custom handle engraving.

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Get Stamped Ltd

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