Loyalty Card Stamp

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Loyalty pays! If your product keeps people coming back, let those people know that you’re grateful with our loyalty card stamp.
The size options here are specifically those that we find to be the best for most loyalty cards. If you need a slightly different or larger size just head over to the upload your own page where you can choose any size down to the mm. Head to our Stamp Designer if you need to create a design first.

Please ensure the design is very simple, such as initials or a simple drawing. Anything more than that just won’t work.

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Note: The size you choose will correspond to the largest dimension. There is no need to invert your image. The image as it appears here will match the stamped image.

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Note: We accept .svg, .jpg and .png files. If you need help with this or anything else please contact us here or email us@getstamped.co.uk

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