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Spread that festive goodwill with our Christmas stamps

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Spread that festive goodwill with our dedicated Christmas stamps

We all know what a special time of year Christmas is – the spirit is simply infectious, and as you might expect, it’s more than evident here at Get Stamped!

We do, of course, already stock a vast selection of stamp designs that our customers are free to personalise. Otherwise, you’ve got the option to upload your own designs for us to transform into gorgeous stamps. So, why do we need to offer dedicated Christmas stamps at all?

The answer to that is simple: it’s Christmas! This is a time of year that deserves to be celebrated in the finest possible way, and we can’t think of a better way to spread that Yuletide cheer across your cards and gift tags than with our beautifully designed and created stamps.

What’s so special about our Christmas stamps?

Our Christmas stamps are, in many ways, the same as our usual stamps, being made from single pieces of environmentally sourced oak. Buying one is also the equivalent of buying one tree, thanks to our work with the ‘One Tree Planted’ charity that has already seen almost 1,000 trees planted so far.

Then, there’s the actual stamp designs with which you and more importantly, your recipients are sure to fall in love. We have designs that enable you to have your faces depicted wearing Christmas hats, or even your home shown as part of a traditional festive scene – can you honestly imagine anything better for a charming handmade card?

It’s all possible thanks to our resident illustrator Henry – the same man who creates all of our eye-catching personalised stamp designs. He’s rustled up a lot more designs besides those above, including a Christmas wreath in which your name can be placed. We’ve also got a mistletoe design, because of course, we have to get at least someone under the mistletoe… so why not the names of you and your beloved when you’re wishing to spread the love this season?

With heart, village, holly and – of course – Christmas tree designs also making up our complete and exciting selection of festive stamps, you really do have no excuse not to make your cards very special indeed this year! There’s even a Christmas Scene Kit available, with everything that you need to show your house covered in snow, using a striking embossed effect. Well, almost everything, because you’ll still need a suitable heat gun for the actual embossing.

Season’s greetings from everyone here at Get Stamped!

It couldn’t be easier to order your Christmas stamps right now from us, taking advantage of the free postage that we offer on all UK orders of more than £30. Make sure you order in good time as the notoriously busy festive season looms, allowing for about three to five business days until the arrival of your stamps, to avoid disappointment.

In the meantime, there’s little more to say other than… a very Merry Christmas to all of you!