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How can you take better care of your stamps?

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Sure enough, here at Get Stamped, we take great pride in the quality of our handmade stamps, which means you don’t need to think too much about cleanliness or maintenance. We make our stamps on-site from eco-rubber and single pieces of oak, which offers impressive longevity compared to many obvious alternative materials.

Nonetheless, there are still a few things we would urge you to keep in mind.

With just a few steps, you can make your stamps last longer

First things first – where are you storing your custom rubber stamps? Any cool, dry place – away from direct sunlight – should suffice to help to keep your stamps in great working order.

Cleaning your stamp after each use is another obvious way to preserve its integrity, and the good news is that you barely need to do much here. All that you have to do is stamp it on a slightly damp cloth or kitchen towel a few times, until there is no longer any ink being imprinted onto the cloth, before taking the cloth and rubbing it into the stamp’s grooves.

If you’re still concerned at this point that the stamp might not be sufficiently clean, you’ll be pleased to learn that we offer dedicated stamp cleaner in our online store, suitable for use on all water-based inks such as dye, pigment and craft inks. It can be used both after your stamp has been used and between colours, and can be trusted to provide an especially thorough clean.

What shouldn’t you do with your stamp?

We would definitely urge you to avoid running your stamp under a tap or leaving it in water, as this can lead to the stamp coming away from its wooden handle. Nor is it a good idea to use alcohol or Aloe Vera based wipes on your stamp, as these can also wreak havoc on its condition.

Finally, if you are using dye inks, we would urge you not to become too concerned by such inks’ tendency to stick to and stain the stamp over time. This is a reflection of the fast-drying and permanent nature of such inks, and you should be assured that any staining will not affect your stamp’s working condition.