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Elevate your branding and customer engagement with our Custom QR Code Rubber Stamp! Perfect for businesses looking to add QR codes to their product packaging, outgoing mail, postal boxes, paper bags and more.

Once you have input your URL into the ‘QR Text’ box and the placeholder code gets replaced with your unique QR code, please check that it works by scanning the generated code on the screen and confirming that it takes you to the intended web page.

Bear in mind that the longer the URL, the more complex the QR code. For stamping purposes we want the the QR code to be as simple as possible, so if your URL is particularly long, perhaps try shortening it with one of the various, free to use, URL shortening services that you can find online.

We recommend pairing this stamp with a Versafine ink pad. The Versafine pads are specifically made for stamps with fine details so are perfect for intricate designs such as QR codes.

These work consistently well but you do need a near perfect impression for them to work, so please note that they are not appropriate for coarse or uneven surfaces such as looser threaded fabrics or deeply corrugated cardboard.

  • *Size

    *Size in mm

    Your design looks to be cm wide by cm tall.
    • Most of our ink pads only come in set sizes. It may seem counterintuitive, but in our opinion, these often work better than larger alternatives. This is how to use them:
    • Turn the stamp upside down.
    • Dab the ink pad over the surface of the stamp.
    • Press down firmly.
    unmounted rubber stamp
    • Here is an example of an unmounted stamp.
    • Can be used with stamping platforms.
    • Can be mounted on home made handles.
    • Can be used with 'Cling' backing.
    • You will receive the rubber only. No mounting foam is included.


Estimated processing time is 1-3 working days
reforestation badge, we buy a square meter of wildland for every order

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