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Why should you buy your ink pads from us?

Why should you buy your ink pads from us?

You might have gathered from one look at our online store here at Get Stamped that we really do offer a bit of everything as far as personalised stamps are concerned. We can give you gorgeously illustrated portrait, couples, house or pet stamps, as well as address stamps and even wedding stamps, all exhibiting the remarkable woodwork and illustration nous of our two-man team.

The truth is that we’re really committed to giving you a set of gorgeous personalised stamps catering to your full range of requirements, whether you are ordering them as an individual or business.

However, as lovely as we think our stamps are – being made from environmentally sourced oak and skilfully illustrated by a chap with a knack for simple and eye-catching designs – you won’t be able to use yours to the full unless you’ve also got the right ink pad or several.

We should be your first choice for ink pads

You can buy ink pads of a decent quality from quite a few places these days, so why should you purchase yours from Get Stamped?

Well, first of all, our ink pads come from the right brand – the Archival Ink range of Ranger Ink, which is one of the most respected names in crafts. Archival Ink pads, in particular, make a lot of sense for so many different reasons. They are acid-free, permanent and waterproof, providing the crispest and clearest image – which is exactly what you’ll want when you’ve gone as far as investing in a personalised stamp of your very own.

These ink pads deliver the same impressive and permanent results on both matte and glossy papers, while their 8cm x 5cm size is just right for all manner of stamping applications. The fact that the pad itself is raised even enables you to ink especially large stamps.

Make your purchase from our team today

In short, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to look anywhere else for amazingly effective and impactful ink pads. With our selection of Archival Ink pads also encompassing all manner of popular colours such as Jet Black, Cobalt, Manganese Blue, Fern Green, Buttercup, Chrome Yellow, Monarch Orange and Magenta Hue, we really do give you every option for an ink pad that will produce the results you want.

Honestly – Get Stamped is the place to buy ink pads, personalised stamps and even stamp cleaner, to name just some of our fine offerings right now. All that’s left for us to do is to wish you happy shopping – and happy stamping, too!