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Why should you buy your ink pads from us?

Ink Pads

Why should you buy your ink pads from us?

You can buy ink pads of a decent quality from quite a few places these days, so why should you purchase yours from Get Stamped?

Well, first of all, our ink pads come from the right brand – the Versa ranges from Tsukineko, which is one of the most respected names in crafts. Versa Ink pads, in particular, make a lot of sense for so many different reasons. They are acid-free, not toxic, permanent and waterproof, providing the crispest and clearest image – which is exactly what you’ll want when you’ve gone as far as investing in a personalised stamp of your very own.

We stock the following:

Versafine –  Fast drying, permanent ink that works for a range of applications. Captures fine details like no other! – Best for: Card and Paper, fine details, rich and opaque pigment.

Versacraft – Specially designed for use on Fabric and Wood. When using with Fabric heat-set for permanency. These are also great for larger stamps as they are extra juicy! Best for: Card and Paper, fabric and wood, larger stamps (as they are raised and extra juicy!), rich and opaque pigment.

Versacolor – Great all rounder with large range of colours – Best for: Card and Paper, large range of colours, affordability, skin.

Make your purchase from our team today

In short, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to look anywhere else for amazingly effective and impactful ink pads. With our selection of Versafine, Versacraft and Versacolor Ink pads, there will be the perfect option no matter what you’re stamping or what colour you need. 

Honestly – Get Stamped is the place to buy ink pads, personalised stamps and even stamp cleaner, to name just some of our fine offerings right now. All that’s left for us to do is to wish you happy shopping – and happy stamping, too!