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Our illustrated rubber stamps offer the utmost in traditional charm

Rubber stamps have long been used for all manner of arts and crafts projects, bringing a little extra vital warmth and idiosyncrasy to a sometimes cold and uniform world. They are, in short, ‘old school’ – and we mean that in the finest possible way.

Well, the great news is that those lovely traditional stamps aren’t so ‘old school’ that they’re no longer being made. In fact, you can have gorgeous illustrated rubber stamps created to your own design, when you turn to the talented team here at Get Stamped!

How does the process work?

All that you have to do to start the process is head to our dedicated illustrated stamps section, where you will be able to choose from four options: a portrait stamp, couples stamp, pet stamp or venue or house stamp.

Then, it’s just a case of uploading the image that you would like us to use in making the stamp, before we get on with the really hard work – all while you sit back and relax (lucky you).

But is it really that easy?

It is! There are a few things we would urge you to consider, though. First of all, as you can probably imagine if you’ve ever looked at the inked part of a stamp, we can make you a better-quality stamp if you give us a picture with clearly defined lines and features.

That doesn’t mean we’ll refuse to make a stamp for you if the image you upload is a little ‘problematic’. It just means that if, for example, your provided image has colour, gradients or especially thin lines, we’ll need to make subtle changes so that the final stamp produces a pleasing and recognisable image. If more significant amendments are required, we’ll contact you.

No one makes stamps like us…

As our past customers will gladly tell you, our rubber stamps aren’t just like any old stamps you’d get in an office supply store. We’re all about quality, with each of our illustrated rubber stamps being made on site from a single piece of environmentally sourced oak. But we also stand for individuality, and you definitely get that with our custom made stamps!

Whatever you intend to use your bespoke illustrated stamp for – perhaps greetings cards, wedding invitations or something completely different – there’s only one place to order it, and that’s Get Stamped.