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Have illustrated stamps created from your own unique designs

Custom hand drawn portrait couples save the date rubber stamp

If you’ve previously bought personalised stamps from us here at Get Stamped, you’ll know that we have a bit of a taste for things with a decidedly ‘one-off’ character. After all, even the way our stamps are made – by hand, using single pieces of environmentally sourced oak – is pretty unique.

Well, if you really do want your next stamp to resemble no one else’s, you just can’t beat our illustrated stamps. There’s no standard range of these on our website – it really is a case of simply sending us photos that we then fashion into charmingly designed stamps.

As you’ll have noticed if you’ve ever visited our ‘About us’ page, only one of the two chaps behind our young company does the actual illustration work for our stamps. You’ll be pleased to know that when you order illustrated stamps from us, it’ll be Henry who gets down to work on it, not our ‘business bod’, Jack!

What images can you turn into illustrated stamps?

To be fair, pretty much any image you’ve already got to hand can be turned into a stamp when you submit it to Get Stamped. So many past customers of ours have already done that through our ‘Upload your own’ page, and it’s resulted in a lot of pretty amazing stamps for all kinds of projects!

You’ll see more examples of what motifs can be transformed into illustrated stamps in the relevant section of our website. ‘Our Henry’ has hand-drawn portraits of individual people, couples and pets – in fact, he’s even depicted houses and venues in his usual beautiful style.

Such illustrated stamps that we have previously created for our customers have been used for invitations, gift tags, greetings cards… well, anything and everything, really. Just bear in mind that the clearer the image you provide us with, the easier it will be for us to come up with an illustrated stamp design that both you and any recipients of your creative works can be truly delighted with.

No one does stamps like Get Stamped!

We’re entering a whole New Year, and you know what that means – it’s time for us all to return to work! That probably applies to your arts and crafts projects, and it certainly applies to our team that so lovingly creates the high-quality personalised stamps for which we have already become so well-known.

Place your order today for one or more of our gorgeous illustrated stamps, and who knows what exciting new projects you could be rustling up with them well into 2018 and beyond?