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How does a gorgeous house or venue stamp sound?

Hand drawn house custom rubber stamp

If there’s one reason above all else why so many people turn to us for custom made illustrated rubber stamps, it’s so that they can have a charming, ‘old school’ style across their wedding invitations, envelopes, home produce labels and similar items.

While all of our stamps exude this look, it is our custom made illustrated rubber stamps that particularly embody it.

We create these stamps using the expertise of both our managing director Jack and our creative director Henry, with the stamp itself being made from a single piece of environmentally sourced oak. Meanwhile, the illustrated image is hand drawn, and can be created from a photo that you provide.

Wait… I can have any image I want?

Well, within reason! There’s a wide range of possibilities for a venue or house that you may wish to represent in illustrated stamp form. You might be a local business owner, for instance, and like the idea of including your premises on a poster, flyer or other document. Or perhaps you’re inviting friends and family to your wedding, and wish to entrench an image of the venue in their minds?

There isn’t much we can’t depict in the custom made illustrated rubber stamps that we rustle up for you – after all, these are very much your stamps for your use, not ours.

However, there are a few technical points that we do have to make. First of all, you need to bear in mind our size restrictions – 7cm tall and between 7cm and 10cm wide, depending on the dimensions of the photo that you upload.

Secondly, it’s crucial to provide us with an image that is large, clear and visible. The better the image that you give us, the better the stamp that you will get at the end, so it’s well worth putting the work in at the very beginning to ensure your photo is of the highest quality!

A complete selection of custom made illustrated rubber stamps

Bear in mind, too, that we don’t just portray venues or houses on our custom stamps. That’s because we can also make illustrated stamps showing a portrait of one or two people, a beloved pet or come to think of it, pretty much anything else.

Oh, and when you order a custom stamp from us, we’ll also ensure a tree is planted in an area affected by deforestation. It’s all part of our vital work with the ‘One Tree Planted’ charity, and gives you one more reason to purchase one of our gorgeous custom made illustrated rubber stamps for your projects, instead of accepting something dull and uninspiring from the office supply store!