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Create appealing raised effects with our embossing powder & tools

Create appealing raised effects with our embossing powder & tools

If you’ve ever run your hands over the slightly raised areas of the cover of a paperback book, or for that matter, greetings cards and invitations that you have received from friends and loved ones, you may have wondered how you can create such an effect in your own craft work. Well, we can help you to make it a reality here at Get Stamped, with our embossing powder & tools!

All of the essentials that you need for amazing embossing

Take a look through our embossing powder & tools selection right now, and you’ll find powders on offer in various colours, including Black, Copper, Gold, White, Silver and ‘Night Sky’ – all the better for ensuring that you get exactly the look to which you aspire with your embossing.

But of course, it’s not just the powders that will enable you to produce the most amazing embossed effects on your cards, invitations and other projects. That’s because you are also strongly advised to invest in a stamp pad that has been specifically designed for embossing work, which we are also delighted to stock here at Get Stamped.

We offer you an embossing stamp pad that inks your stamps with a clear formula, designed to ensure your embossing powders completely adhere to the page. It’s especially important when trying to create embossing effects to use a pad that is slow drying, so that you have sufficient time to dust over the image with the powder.

Finally, you’ll need to turn up the heat

Then, it’s simply a case of getting out a heat gun that will enable you to fuse together the ink and powder to create the final, striking and embossed image. It’s a bit like a hair dryer, but please don’t use a hair dryer for this process – not only is it not hot enough to fuse together the ink and powder as you need it to, but it also blows harder than a heat gun, so it’ll simply blow the powder away.

Instead, invest in the dedicated Ranger embossing heat tool that we have in stock here at Get Stamped. It’s capable of the kind of precise heat application that you could never achieve with a hair dryer, meaning you’ll end up with the solid, shiny finish that you always admired in other people’s embossed cards and invitations.

There’s no better place to find embossing powder & tools

Take a look through our extensive selection of embossing essentials here at Get Stamped right now, in the knowledge that we will deliver them for free to your UK address when you spend more than £30 on one order. When you wish to make the most of the potential of stamping in your crafting endeavours, there really is no need to look anywhere else!