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Buy cards and labels online from our extensive range!

kraft labels and tags

Get Stamped, as you will know if you have previously ordered at least one stamp from us, doesn’t exactly ‘do’ stamps the normal way. A personalised stamp from us doesn’t resemble what you could have easily bought from your local office supply store, having instead been lovingly made by ourselves from environmentally sourced oak.

Much more important than that, though, is the very different aesthetic that you can achieve with our handmade stamps, compared to the standardised look that an ‘off the shelf’ stamp usually provides. That’s also precisely why you may be interested in our many cards and labels!

All of the essentials to get your projects ‘popping’

Whether you turn to us for one or more illustrated stamps, address stamps, wedding stamps or perhaps something based entirely around your own custom design, you’ll at least need something to use your stamp on! So, when you need to buy cards and labels online, there’s no need to look any further than Get Stamped.

We’ve put together a selection of cards and labels that perfectly suits the warm and homely feel our stamps help you to create with your wedding invitations, greetings cards, home produce labels and other arts and crafts projects.

Maybe you’re on the lookout for blank cards such as our recycled A6 280gsm brown greetings cards with corresponding white envelopes, or perhaps some white greetings cards made from similarly recycled 300gsm white card? The latter measure 11cm x 11cm and again come with corresponding white envelopes.

Invitation cards are also prominent among the cards you can purchase from our website, with both brown and white versions available in a pack of 10. Or perhaps you’d like to stamp some white or brown business cards in the standard business card size of 55mm x 85mm, in a well-priced pack of 25?

Tags can also be purchased from us in an assortment of colours such as brown, green or red, reinforced with eyelets for strength. Truly, when you wish to buy cards and labels online from an industry-leading range, Get Stamped is the only online store you need!

Make us your go-to source of stamps

But first things first – have you ordered your first custom stamp from us yet? If not, you know what to do. Pick from our in-depth selection, use our stamp designer or upload your own image, and we’ll have a brilliant stamp or several made and sent over to you in a jiffy. We’ve made over 2,000 of them so far… and counting!

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You’ve got so many options for appealing personalised stamps from us

If you’re reading this article now, the chances are that you have come to our site with a wish to purchase personalised stamps for any of a wide range of reasons. Maybe there’s an arts and crafts project you’re doing for which a stamped image would be just perfect, or perhaps you’re putting together wedding invitations or greetings cards that could also benefit from such an illustration?

We won’t go on and on listing all of the reasons why you might want to buy personalised stamps – instead, we’ll point you to all of the ways we make it possible here at Get Stamped.

What’s so special about stamps from Get Stamped?

While there are other companies out there that make personalised stamps, none of them make stamps that are quite as high-quality, or unique, as those that we make.

Our stamps aren’t just personalised – they’re beautifully bespoke, having been made from single pieces of environmentally sourced oak. Meanwhile, the artwork on our personalised stamps is the work of our talented illustrator, Henry, and if you’ve already got an image that you would like to have transformed into a personalised stamp, we can do that for you in a jiffy!

Then, there’s our remarkable range of personalised stamps…

Whatever the purpose you have in mind for your personalised stamps, we can rustle up something amazing for you.

If you would like to announce your upcoming nuptials in a manner that exudes charm, just take a look at our dedicated wedding stamps section – they’re great for your invitations, thank yous and ‘save the date’ reminders. Or if you have another special occasion planned or just want to jazz up your envelopes, we have address stamps for which you can choose between various styles.

With the other personalised stamps that we can offer including those featuring illustrations of your event venue, house, pet or for that matter, you and a partner, we really can come up with a stamp based on pretty much whatever you want!

Place your order for your customised stamps today

With postage and packing within the UK also completely free when you spend more than £30 on one order, you’ve got no excuse for not making your stamps darned good this year!

Get Stamped is the place to come for personalised stamps that are brilliantly made and easy to use, while producing amazing results across all of your projects and documents.

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Great news – our online stamp designer is at the ready!

So, you already know that we produce lovingly crafted personalised rubber stamps from environmentally sourced oak… stamps exuding that warm, ‘handmade’ feel. These definitely aren’t your bog-standard stamps from the office supply store.

We even make it easy for you here at Get Stamped – as anyone who has ever used our ‘upload your own’ feature will be aware. All that you have to do is send us an image you’ve already got, and that you would love to have transformed into a stamp. We aren’t even strict about the size, colour and resolution of the image you upload, as so many other stamp companies are.

But there’s more! You see, our online stamp designer has also recently gone live, and it’s great news for anyone who wishes to create gorgeously unique personalised rubber stamps without breaking a sweat (that’s something we’ll be very much doing).

So how does the stamp designer work?

Well, when you navigate to the relevant page of our site, you’ll soon find out. Whatever kind of stamp you’ve got in mind – a wedding stamp, perhaps, or an address stamp, or even something for your home produce labels – it all works in much the same can’t-believe-it’s-that-easy way.

First, you need to select the size that you desire for your stamp. We can do anything between 2cm and 15cm in size, and when you choose one of these options, the designer automatically informs you of how much you can expect to pay for it. How handy is that?

Then, it’s time for the really fun bit – the full-blown online stamp designer. It very much resembles the kind of fancy image editors that you may, or may not already be familiar with, but it really couldn’t be more enjoyable or more of a cinch to use.

All of the functionality that you could possibly need is here – you can upload your own image, for example, applying such filters as ‘grayscale’, ‘invert’ or ‘sharpen’. You can also browse our own selection of clipart, including such motifs as borders and speech bubbles.

Place your order, and then you’re done!

Once you’re done, save your design and click ‘add to cart’, before completing your purchase. We’ll then get working on the production of your personalised stamp.

It’s official – personalised rubber stamps just got funkier, so much more stylish and so much easier to make a reality. They’re affordable, too, with free UK delivery available when you spend more than £30.

So why not rustle up your dream stamp design today, and leave the really hard work to our team here at Get Stamped?

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Have illustrated stamps created from your own unique designs

Custom hand drawn portrait couples save the date rubber stamp

If you’ve previously bought personalised stamps from us here at Get Stamped, you’ll know that we have a bit of a taste for things with a decidedly ‘one-off’ character. After all, even the way our stamps are made – by hand, using single pieces of environmentally sourced oak – is pretty unique.

Well, if you really do want your next stamp to resemble no one else’s, you just can’t beat our illustrated stamps. There’s no standard range of these on our website – it really is a case of simply sending us photos that we then fashion into charmingly designed stamps.

As you’ll have noticed if you’ve ever visited our ‘About us’ page, only one of the two chaps behind our young company does the actual illustration work for our stamps. You’ll be pleased to know that when you order illustrated stamps from us, it’ll be Henry who gets down to work on it, not our ‘business bod’, Jack!

What images can you turn into illustrated stamps?

To be fair, pretty much any image you’ve already got to hand can be turned into a stamp when you submit it to Get Stamped. So many past customers of ours have already done that through our ‘Upload your own’ page, and it’s resulted in a lot of pretty amazing stamps for all kinds of projects!

You’ll see more examples of what motifs can be transformed into illustrated stamps in the relevant section of our website. ‘Our Henry’ has hand-drawn portraits of individual people, couples and pets – in fact, he’s even depicted houses and venues in his usual beautiful style.

Such illustrated stamps that we have previously created for our customers have been used for invitations, gift tags, greetings cards… well, anything and everything, really. Just bear in mind that the clearer the image you provide us with, the easier it will be for us to come up with an illustrated stamp design that both you and any recipients of your creative works can be truly delighted with.

No one does stamps like Get Stamped!

We’re entering a whole New Year, and you know what that means – it’s time for us all to return to work! That probably applies to your arts and crafts projects, and it certainly applies to our team that so lovingly creates the high-quality personalised stamps for which we have already become so well-known.

Place your order today for one or more of our gorgeous illustrated stamps, and who knows what exciting new projects you could be rustling up with them well into 2018 and beyond?

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How can you take better care of your stamps?

Sure enough, here at Get Stamped, we take great pride in the quality of our handmade stamps, which means you don’t need to think too much about cleanliness or maintenance. We make our stamps on-site from single pieces of oak, which offers impressive longevity compared to many obvious alternative materials.

Nonetheless, there are still a few things we would urge you to keep in mind.

With just a few steps, you can make your stamps last longer

First things first – where are you storing your custom rubber stamps? Any cool, dry place – away from direct sunlight – should suffice to help to keep your stamps in great working order.

Cleaning your stamp after each use is another obvious way to preserve its integrity, and the good news is that you barely need to do much here. All that you have to do is stamp it on a slightly damp cloth or kitchen towel a few times, until there is no longer any ink being imprinted onto the cloth, before taking the cloth and rubbing it into the stamp’s grooves.

If you’re still concerned at this point that the stamp might not be sufficiently clean, you’ll be pleased to learn that we offer dedicated stamp cleaner in our online store, suitable for use on all water-based inks such as dye, pigment and craft inks. It can be used both after your stamp has been used and between colours, and can be trusted to provide an especially thorough clean. A quick dusting on talcum powder will keep the stamp from becoming sticky!

What shouldn’t you do with your stamp?

We would definitely urge you to avoid running your stamp under a tap or leaving it in water, as this can lead to the stamp coming away from its wooden handle. Nor is it a good idea to use alcohol or Aloe Vera based wipes on your stamp, as these can also wreak havoc on its condition.

Finally, if you are using dye inks, we would urge you not to become too concerned by such inks’ tendency to stick to and stain the stamp over time. This is a reflection of the fast-drying and permanent nature of such inks, and you should be assured that any staining will not affect your stamp’s working condition.

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Spread that festive goodwill with our dedicated Christmas stamps

Spread that festive goodwill with our dedicated Christmas stamps

We all know what a special time of year Christmas is – the spirit is simply infectious, and as you might expect, it’s more than evident here at Get Stamped!

We do, of course, already stock a vast selection of stamp designs that our customers are free to personalise. Otherwise, you’ve got the option to upload your own designs for us to transform into gorgeous stamps. So, why do we need to offer dedicated Christmas stamps at all?

The answer to that is simple: it’s Christmas! This is a time of year that deserves to be celebrated in the finest possible way, and we can’t think of a better way to spread that Yuletide cheer across your cards and gift tags than with our beautifully designed and created stamps.

What’s so special about our Christmas stamps?

Our Christmas stamps are, in many ways, the same as our usual stamps, being made from single pieces of environmentally sourced oak. Buying one is also the equivalent of buying one tree, thanks to our work with the ‘One Tree Planted’ charity that has already seen almost 1,000 trees planted so far.

Then, there’s the actual stamp designs with which you and more importantly, your recipients are sure to fall in love. We have designs that enable you to have your faces depicted wearing Christmas hats, or even your home shown as part of a traditional festive scene – can you honestly imagine anything better for a charming handmade card?

It’s all possible thanks to our resident illustrator Henry – the same man who creates all of our eye-catching personalised stamp designs. He’s rustled up a lot more designs besides those above, including a Christmas wreath in which your name can be placed. We’ve also got a mistletoe design, because of course, we have to get at least someone under the mistletoe… so why not the names of you and your beloved when you’re wishing to spread the love this season?

With heart, village, holly and – of course – Christmas tree designs also making up our complete and exciting selection of festive stamps, you really do have no excuse not to make your cards very special indeed this year! There’s even a Christmas Scene Kit available, with everything that you need to show your house covered in snow, using a striking embossed effect. Well, almost everything, because you’ll still need a suitable heat gun for the actual embossing.

Season’s greetings from everyone here at Get Stamped!

It couldn’t be easier to order your Christmas stamps right now from us, taking advantage of the free postage that we offer on all UK orders of more than £30. Make sure you order in good time as the notoriously busy festive season looms, allowing for about three to five business days until the arrival of your stamps, to avoid disappointment.

In the meantime, there’s little more to say other than… a very Merry Christmas to all of you!

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Create appealing raised effects with our embossing powder & tools

Create appealing raised effects with our embossing powder & tools

If you’ve ever run your hands over the slightly raised areas of the cover of a paperback book, or for that matter, greetings cards and invitations that you have received from friends and loved ones, you may have wondered how you can create such an effect in your own craft work. Well, we can help you to make it a reality here at Get Stamped, with our embossing powder & tools!

All of the essentials that you need for amazing embossing

Take a look through our embossing powder & tools selection right now, and you’ll find powders on offer in various colours, including Black, Copper, Gold, White, Silver and ‘Night Sky’ – all the better for ensuring that you get exactly the look to which you aspire with your embossing.

But of course, it’s not just the powders that will enable you to produce the most amazing embossed effects on your cards, invitations and other projects. That’s because you are also strongly advised to invest in a stamp pad that has been specifically designed for embossing work, which we are also delighted to stock here at Get Stamped.

We offer you an embossing stamp pad that inks your stamps with a clear formula, designed to ensure your embossing powders completely adhere to the page. It’s especially important when trying to create embossing effects to use a pad that is slow drying, so that you have sufficient time to dust over the image with the powder.

Finally, you’ll need to turn up the heat

Then, it’s simply a case of getting out a heat gun that will enable you to fuse together the ink and powder to create the final, striking and embossed image. It’s a bit like a hair dryer, but please don’t use a hair dryer for this process – not only is it not hot enough to fuse together the ink and powder as you need it to, but it also blows harder than a heat gun, so it’ll simply blow the powder away.

Instead, invest in the dedicated Ranger embossing heat tool that we have in stock here at Get Stamped. It’s capable of the kind of precise heat application that you could never achieve with a hair dryer, meaning you’ll end up with the solid, shiny finish that you always admired in other people’s embossed cards and invitations.

There’s no better place to find embossing powder & tools

Take a look through our extensive selection of embossing essentials here at Get Stamped right now, in the knowledge that we will deliver them for free to your UK address when you spend more than £30 on one order. When you wish to make the most of the potential of stamping in your crafting endeavours, there really is no need to look anywhere else!

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Hand made address stamps – what are they all about?

personalised address stamp

Hand made address stamps – what are they all about?

When you have a wedding or other special occasion planned, it’s understandable that you’ll want to invite the world – or at least, your closest family and friends – to enjoy it. There are lots of ways to do that, but let’s face it – a formal invitation, neatly folded into an envelope posted to the desired recipient, is still the best!

What better way could there be of adding that little extra charm to your wedding invitations than investing in a stamp that will enable you to disclose your address to prospective respondents?

We are, of course, talking about our hand made address stamps. As you can quickly appreciate by glancing around our online range, we offer personalised address stamps in an assortment of intriguing designs and fonts – but there’s much more to them than that.

It couldn’t be easier to order your dream address stamp

Our address stamps aren’t just stylish and practical – they’re also lovingly made by hand, entirely on site, from environmentally sourced oak. In other words, they really are wooden stamps of the ‘old school’, a throwback to the days when letter writing was an art and people took great pride over how they presented themselves in their correspondence. It certainly beats a cold and impersonal email that the recipient will have forgotten about practically the moment they open it!

As you can see when you peruse our online selection of hand made address stamps, we offer both simple and more stylised designs to enable you to present your address precisely as you wish. You might want an address stamp that is calligraphic in feel, incorporates floral or patterned detailing or is aligned to the centre or right, among the vast range of other options… the choice really is up to you.

We give you so much choice, in fact, that you even have the freedom to upload your own design to our online facility, after which, we will get to work on converting it into a stamp!

Choose us for personalised address stamps

Your wedding or other special event will be one with a difference, so why shouldn’t your address stamps be similarly distinctive? Make Get Stamped your source of hand made address stamps, and you will be able to communicate just how special your upcoming nuptials will be – and how much you will appreciate such a special person as the recipient being there.

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Environmental friendliness is at the heart of what we do

Environmental friendliness is at the heart of what we do

Never before has so much emphasis been placed on corporate social responsibility as now. Even relatively modest businesses like our own are continually thinking about how to reduce any adverse environmental impact. Here at Get Stamped we’re proud to say that it’s a central pillar of our company.

Even as a humble little custom stamp company in the UK – we still believe in spending a lot of time thinking about our business’s effect on the environment. The truth is that every little counts, and we definitely don’t consider the environmental measures that we go to here at Get Stamped to be just ‘a little’.

So, what do we do to protect our planet?

We take care to work alongside all of the right people and companies here at Get Stamped, in recognition of the fact that one small custom stamp company in the UK can’t do everything on its own, no matter how ambitious.

We realise, for example, that the oak we use for our stamps has to be sourced from somewhere, and that for the good of our planet, it has to be replaced somehow. That’s why we work with the charity One Tree Planted to help to protect vulnerable parts of the world from the detrimental effects of deforestation, by ensuring that for every custom stamp we sell, a tree is planted in an area that really needs it.

Our commitment to shielding our sensitive world from damage extends to our use of packaging from the leading environmentally conscious packaging companies, Kite Packaging and The Bag N Box Man. The former firm, for instance, holds both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 awards, so you can be assured of the environmental responsibility and quality of what it does.

But we go far beyond ‘eco’

Remember, though, that regardless of the environmental friendliness of our work, our main passion is custom stamps – as is reflected in the range, quality and suitability of our products! Whatever your reasons for wanting to get in touch with a custom stamp company in the UK, you can be assured that you’ve come to the right place here at Get Stamped.

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Why should you buy your ink pads from us?

Why should you buy your ink pads from us?

You might have gathered from one look at our online store here at Get Stamped that we really do offer a bit of everything as far as personalised stamps are concerned. We can give you gorgeously illustrated portrait, couples, house or pet stamps, as well as address stamps and even wedding stamps, all exhibiting the remarkable woodwork and illustration nous of our two-man team.

The truth is that we’re really committed to giving you a set of gorgeous personalised stamps catering to your full range of requirements, whether you are ordering them as an individual or business.

However, as lovely as we think our stamps are – being made from environmentally sourced oak and skilfully illustrated by a chap with a knack for simple and eye-catching designs – you won’t be able to use yours to the full unless you’ve also got the right ink pad or several.

We should be your first choice for ink pads

You can buy ink pads of a decent quality from quite a few places these days, so why should you purchase yours from Get Stamped?

Well, first of all, our ink pads come from the right brand – the Archival Ink range of Ranger Ink, which is one of the most respected names in crafts. Archival Ink pads, in particular, make a lot of sense for so many different reasons. They are acid-free, permanent and waterproof, providing the crispest and clearest image – which is exactly what you’ll want when you’ve gone as far as investing in a personalised stamp of your very own.

These ink pads deliver the same impressive and permanent results on both matte and glossy papers, while their 8cm x 5cm size is just right for all manner of stamping applications. The fact that the pad itself is raised even enables you to ink especially large stamps.

Make your purchase from our team today

In short, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to look anywhere else for amazingly effective and impactful ink pads. With our selection of Archival Ink pads also encompassing all manner of popular colours such as Jet Black, Cobalt, Manganese Blue, Fern Green, Buttercup, Chrome Yellow, Monarch Orange and Magenta Hue, we really do give you every option for an ink pad that will produce the results you want.

Honestly – Get Stamped is the place to buy ink pads, personalised stamps and even stamp cleaner, to name just some of our fine offerings right now. All that’s left for us to do is to wish you happy shopping – and happy stamping, too!