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Five reasons why one of our rubber stamps is the perfect first step into branding your product.

First and foremost, its cheap! Buying blank packaging, boxes, bags and cards is much cheaper than buying the custom printed alternative. Sure, you could spend a bit extra on some printed boxes because its easier and you don’t have to think about it, but consider this. Getting printed boxes will likely cost double the blank alternative, so if the printed boxes are £1 per box, the blank ones are 50p a box and you buy 100 of them that’s a £50 saving. I’ve just gone and tested it and I could comfortably stamp 100 boxes in 10 minutes so that a £50 saving for 10 minutes work, that’s got to be worth it right! You need to buy the stamp I know, but we use a 4cm stamp on our boxes which is £18 – you can see how quickly that money could be recouped.

Second – a custom rubber stamp gives you the freedom to get creative and stamp your logo wherever you like. So, you’ve made that saving on your boxes, but now, unlike with the printed boxes, you’ve got a logo stamp to play with. Go ahead, stamp your logo on some letters, stamp some paper bags, stamp a t shirt, stamp your mate’s forehead if you want. It’s pretty fun, trust me!

Third – It’s so easy and quick! You can upload your logo and have your stamp in a couple of days. No need to stress about what sort of packaging to get or where to place the logo, order a logo stamp today and play around with it till you get your packaging just right.

Fourth – A rubber stamp can create that artisan textured feel that printing can’t. There’s something about the slight imperfections and differences with each impression when stamping that gives a product a distinctive and classic feel printing just can’t touch.

Finally, we have established that getting a logo stamp made is a pretty damn good idea. But why should you get one of ours over one of the many other personalised stamp makers? To be blunt, our stamps are very good. We use very High end and sustainable materials such as natural eco-rubber and environmentally sourced oak. Our stamps are then made by hand in our London workshop using the latest in laser technology. This means the stamps are unrivalled in their eco-credentials, pretty to look at, last an awfully long time, and most importantly, leave the perfect impression with an incredibly high level of detail.

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Looking to get in on the stamping action but don’t have a logo? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our newly relaunched stamp designer.

If you have a company logo ready to go then getting a custom rubber stamp has always been the cheapest and easiest way to brand packaging and generally get your product noticed. Getting that logo in the first place however isn’t quite so easy. Graphic designers can charge pretty crazy prices. Computer design software like photoshop can be equally silly money not to mention having one hell of a steep learning curve. So, we’ve done the hard work for you and created the most comprehensive and easy to use online stamp maker available.

Our stamp designer was built from the ground up to give you the tools and jumping off points to effortlessly make professional looking designs. There is over a hundred unique clipart designs so you’re likely to find something that works elegantly in a logo stamp for your company. It doesn’t stop there though, We’ve also loaded it up with beautiful drawings and striking clipart that’s great for wedding stamps, address stamps and stamps for many more events and occasions.

In the photo on this blog post you can see a set of examples of different personalised stamps created in our rubber stamp maker which can give you an idea of the scope of possibilities or can be used as the seed to creating your own design. Steal the designs completely if you like! We don’t mind.

A rule I have learnt when designing rubber stamps and when designing in general for that matter is to try and strip back unnecessary elements and keep it simple. Simple text in a great font of which we have loads of stylish and memorable options to choose from is the best starting point. Often this is perfect in itself. You may however find, adding a border, partial border or some beautiful hand drawn clipart can create something spectacular.

If you don’t manage to find the perfect clipart or accompanying design element for your personalised stamp you can always upload your own images or elements from which to build your design from. This gives you complete control over your rubber stamp giving you limitless possibilities on how it looks. Just remember, less if often more with stamping.

Another great feature in the custom stamp designer is the curved text feature. Find this in the box that appears by the text by clicking on it once you have inputted it. This can be easily used on its own or with the partial borders, shapes and curves to create stunning round stamps.

We hope you enjoy playing with the stamp designer as much as we have and that you manage to create a stamp design that that you would be proud to represent your business or that would impress your friends at any occasion.