Looking after your stamp

Looking after your stamp.

Our stamps do not need a lot of care or attention in order to keep them in perfect working condition. Firstly it’s a good idea to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

The second advisable thing is to give them a quick clean right after you use them. Simply stamp them onto a slightly damp cloth or kitchen towel a few times until no ink is still being imprinted onto the cloth.

You can then take the cloth and rub it into the grooves of the image. Stamp cleaner can also be applied to the cloth or kitchen towel for a more thorough clean, this can be found for sale in the extras section of the website.

Never run the stamp under a tap or let it sit in water as this can cause the stamp to come away from the wooden handle. It is also unadvisable to wipe the stamp with alcohol or Aloe Vera based wipes as both of these can create problems for the stamp.

Ink can stick to the stamp and stain it over time because they are fast drying and permanent, this isn’t an issue and you shouldn’t be concerned when all the ink doesn’t come off your stamp, it will still be in perfect working condition. Pigment inks or dedicated embossing ink pads are preferable when you intend to use embossing powder because they are slower drying and therefore give you more time to work with.